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What inspired us?

The World Sales Solutions, LLC (WSS) team brainstormed on the best ways to help SAP customers make use of a tool they may already have at their finger tips: SAP Jam.  As a result, we have codified 10,000+ hours of work experiences to make it quick and easy for your organization to gain immediate value and impact around the compelling topics below which we have packaged into two programs: Gold & Platinum.

Coronavirus Relief Fund

For every Gold or Platinum Program participation the WSS team will donate $100.00 to GlobalGiving with whom SAP has a special partnership.  The COVID-19 pandemic marks an unprecedented time in modern history that will require the best of humanity to overcome. This donation will support immediate and long-term relief and recovery in vulnerable communities during one of the most challenging times we have collectively faced.

SAP Jam during the COVID-era

Working from Home

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications


 The work-from-home reality is intended to maintain output and effectiveness during the COVID-era could generate a productivity decline and threaten revenue growth. SAP Jam collaboration is a big part of the answer to help enable employees working remotely. 

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications


Crisis communications depends on immediacy, accountability, efficiency, and transparency.  SAP Jam provides
a secure, collaborative platform to enable an organization’s response with employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.

Digital Supply Chain

Crisis Communications

Re-position Products & Services


Supply chains based on operational visibility and customer intelligence are impacted by disruptions and market-driven imperatives. SAP Jam helps ensure the people responsible for the integrity of the processes and the quality of the product(s) collaborate at the highest level. 

Re-position Products & Services

Building Consortiums & Affinity Groups

Re-position Products & Services


 The restructuring of products and service driven by the coronavirus is forcing companies to re‐evaluate the positioning of their offerings. SAP Jam helps employees share and tackle restructuring, re-positioning and redesigning as a central hub for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and thinking outside the box. 

Building Consortiums & Affinity Groups

Building Consortiums & Affinity Groups

Building Consortiums & Affinity Groups


 Consortiums and affinity groups bring diverse organizations, groups, experts, and individuals together. From industry initiatives to in-house groups addressing the needs of parents, women in leadership, new employees, and other “birds of feather” topics SAP Jam is a time tested platform for high priority collaboration efforts.   

Regulatory Compliance & Safety

Building Consortiums & Affinity Groups

Building Consortiums & Affinity Groups


Regulatory, compliance and safety is important for organizations to monitor, mitigate risks, enforce established standards, and respond to information in the real time. SAP Jam collaboration brings more people into the mix when addressing managing policies, rapid change, values, and/or training employees. 

About Us

World Sales Solutions, LLC

Founded in 2004, World Sales Solutions, LLC (WSS) a business development professional services 

organization, supports the world’s leading businesses, universities and groups to help achieve dramatic increases 

in revenues, growth, value, learning, innovation, productivity, and success.

SAP Jam Consulting Services

WSS delivers consulting services and expertise to many SAP business units including SAP Jam implementation and adoption services to many Global 500 organizations as well as small and medium sized firms.  

Our team has tailored the SAP Jam Activate Methodology to help companies PREPARE, EXPLORE, REALIZE and DEPLOY many impactful initiatives.  

Industry Expertise

WSS works with important market leaders representing financial services, consumer products, life sciences, utilities, food, retail, wholesale, engineering, manufacturing, high tech, and service industries across many lines of business. 

Our team helps leaders achieve their top priorities and business requirements by tackling difficult and challenging issues. We help our clients improve performance and realize important goals.


Global Head of HR Technology Platform

"SAP Jam has been a HUGE success from a services perspective. The teaming with WSS exceeded my expectations by way of their delivery and partnership.” 

Global SVP of Product Development

"We continue to engage WSS because they know the product, have many customer experiences, our mutual trust, and that they are their willing and able to address customer challenges at the highest levels of quality assurance."

Change, Communication and Education Manager

"Transformation is key to maintaining our business. When we were looking at how to transform our business and move our virtual learning strategy forward, there was a big focus on how to enable social collaboration. For us, it’s about having the flexibility to meet the business where they’re at. The WSS team of experts helped us every step of the way with our global university, CEO Summit, and Leadership Workshops as a trusted partner."

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